I was born and raised in Portland. After attending Cleveland H.S., I graduated from Linfield College in 2001. There I continued pursuing my interest in sports performance and coaching, majoring in Physical Education and competing in Track and Field. I continued pursuing strength and conditioning, which was largely cross-training based, which naturally gave way to discovering CrossFit. It’s the culture, the community, and the applicability that attracts me to CrossFit. 

As a coach, I get to educate and inspire athletes both young and old to achieve things they might never have thought attainable. I also recognize I may have an opportunity to help turn someone’s day around or provide some relief from the daily grind. Knowing I can be a positive influence that just might lead to improving someone’s health is very satisfying. My family is 100% involved in this culture and chances are if we are not having fun applying our fitness outdoors you’ll find me enjoying the art of fermentation, a variety of motorsports, or hunting and fishing.

CrossFit L1
NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
USA Weightlifting Advanced Sports Performance Coach

Individual- 2018 CrossFit open top 200 worldwide- masters 40-44
Team- 1st place 2018 Gobbler Gauntlet- masters