I was born in Camp Lejune, North Carolina. I first learned about CrossFit when I was training at Team Quest (MMA Gym) in Tualatin. The gym had 1 or 2 CrossFit classes a week and I was hooked! What I love about CrossFit and CFW is the community aspect. This community has been my family since 2012 and so many ways. My favorite thing about coaching is building relationships. This is not only the key to growing as a coach but more importantly as a person. Successful people build great relationships. 

My weekends are packed with family time and golf UNLESS it’s hunting season. Then, its hunting season :) A fun fact about me is that I used to be a very good junior bowler. I tallied 7 perfect 300 games. Everyday, I am reminded of how grateful and honored I am to have the opportunity to be a part of CFW.

CrossFit L1
CrossFit L2
CrossFit OLY
Vanquish OLY Course
Opex Principles of Program Design

32nd 2012 NW Regionals Individual
CFW Regional Team 2015 and 2017
#1 Oregon Law Enforcement Athlete in 2018 CrossFit Open
I have competed in over 20 CrossFit Competitions since 2012