I was born and raised in Oregon and attended and graduated from Rex Putnam High School in 1999.  (Go Kingsmen!). I started Crossfit at CFW 1.0, in October of 2012. I walked in after work one day and met with Janessa. I immediately knew this was the place for me. I participated in the class the next day, and have been a full-time member ever since.  

I love the community aspect of Crossfit. I have made the most incredible friendships during my time at CFW. I also enjoy the variety of exercises/movements we get to do on a daily basis. It keeps it from getting routine and stale. My favorite aspect of coaching is definitely getting to work hands on with our various athletes. The community we have is incredible, and I really enjoy when I help guide an athlete over a plateau, or help them achieve a skill they have never been able to complete. I really enjoy helping athletes unlock their potential, especially if they feel as though it might be unachievable - that makes it extra special for me.

On my weekends, you can find me spending time with my 4 kids, participating/supporting their various school/sports activities, or going out to explore all that our state has to offer. I enjoy a variety of activities both indoor and outdoor, and I enjoy spending time with my friends as well.

Little know fact about me: after my father got sick when I was a teenager, taking care of my mother and our land became my responsibility. We had little money and resources at the time so I was forced to find a solution to our financial problems. I decided to travel to Winnipeg, Canada and take part in a dog-sled race. It was one of the largest ones in the country and very tough. I rode for long hours over many days, through treacherous terrain, and unforgiving weather. During my time in the wilderness, I was able to find my courage and eventually won the race. I used the prize money to save my families land and the house my father had built.

Crossfit Level 1
Masters of Science in Premium Coaching
Nationally Certified in Unlocking Athlete Excellence
PhD in creating and harboring an environment of next level learning