I Hail from Weed, California, but grew up in the Kansas City area, and have lived in several states. I got started in CrossFit in 2006, When I owned a MMA Gym. It seemed to be great way to get fighters in shape. The first WOD I did was Fight Gone Bad. It was made for BJ Penn, to get him in shape for his fights. I figured if it worked for him, It should work for us.  Still one of my Favorite WODs (mostly because there are no burpees).

My favorite thing about CrossFit is helping people learn new skills. I love the look on their face the first time they do something that they were sure they would never do. Whether it’s a simple as an air squat, or their first pull up. There’s nothing much better in life than helping people succeed.

On weekends, I am a professional Mixed Martial Arts Referee. I am blessed to be able to be a part of this incredible sport. CrossFit keeps me in shape to keep up with these gifted athletes in the Cage. I also enjoy Volunteering at CrossFit events. My wife and I have worked Regionals, and the Games, for that last 6 years. We also volunteer at several other local events.

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