Private Programming 

While CFW group CrossFit classes are designed to meet the needs of our overall community, some athletes may find private coaching and programming better suit their specific goals. Examples of these goals include losing weight, preparing for CrossFit competitions, training for specific sports or events, or gaining strength and significantly improving technique.

The CFW private coaching program will aid in identifying your specific goals, assess body mechanics, and design a program aimed at improving your weaknesses and overall performance. Depending on your specific goals and fitness level, you may be grouped with other athletes and/or participate in group classes.

Coach Justin writes all programming for individual athletes. If you have any questions or would like to know more about program options contact Justin.


+ Basic screening to target any mobility/stability problems
+ Mobility strategies and exercises
+ Skills-based warm-ups and auxiliary exercises
+ Personalized programming
+ Post-workout recovery advice and assistance
+ Nutritional advice and assistance
+ Coach’s eye and video analysis

Expectations of Athletes:
+ Complete all personal programming for the week
+ Compete in the CrossFit Open
+ Stay active in the CFW Community

$60 additional per month

Advanced Competitors Track:
This program was designed for the advanced athlete. You will be required to do all advanced movements at a high level (think regional events), as well as have the necessary time to dedicate to the program. This program was instrumental in sending a team to the 2015 and 2017 Northwest Regional.

Competitors Track:
This group is for those who are driven to compete, and are interested in preparing themselves for CrossFit competition. It doesn’t matter if your aspirations are to eventually join the regional team, or to compete in your first RX competition. We are dedicated to helping you reach those goals. There will be bi-weekly nutrition meetings, as well as individualized programming to meet your specific needs. Justin will coach you through one day of your program per week, where he can answer questions and give efficiency tips to help you prepare. It should be noted; you DO NOT have to be an RX only athlete to be a part of this group.

Additional Programming

Individual and Small Group Coaching
One-on-One $60 per hour
Two-on-One $30 per person
Three-on-One $25 per person

Private Remote Coaching (Non CFW Member)
$300 per Month

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