I was born and raised in the Portland area. I fell in love with CrossFit during nursing school back in 2010 and have practiced the sport ever since. What I love most about CrossFit is the constant improvement you can achieve with hard work. I feel like we all have so much untapped physical potential and it is so fun seeing how strong, fast and powerful we can get. I also never leave the gym anything but happy. As Elle Woods says, “ Exercise gives you endorphins and endorphins make you happy”.

Being a coach now, I have a better platform to help and encourage people to achieve goals, big or small and I love that. CrossFit never gets old, there are always new movements or areas to work on and it’s fun to explore that with people. On my weekends, I enjoy being with my husband, David, and our dogs Karl & Pearl, we like to do home improvement projects or work in our yard. Fun fact, I went from kindergarten through my graduating college within 10 square miles. BUT, not to seem like too much of a square, I supplemented with a lot of cross Atlantic travel, Africa, Israel, Italy, Germany, Greece, France, etc.

CrossFit L1