I grew up in Newberg, swimming and playing water polo in high school. I continued my water polo career in college attending University of California, Davis winning the National Championships in 1993 (women’s water polo was not an NCAA sport at that time). After college I continued playing water polo for the USA, competing in two World Cups (1995, 1997) and one World Championship (1994). Needless to say, I am not a land mammal.

After retiring in 1998, I eventually became a teacher, which is not a low-stress job. I started CrossFit in 2012 because I was out of shape, couldn’t play water polo year-round any more, and very, very much missed the community/team aspect of sport. I got hooked – I did. The workouts kicked my butt. I love the community, the support, the variety, and the fact that there is always room for improvement somewhere. I love accomplishing things I never thought I could do (remember: not a land mammal). CrossFit has taught me so much: patience, perseverance, *not fearing failure.* I’ve learned to be healthier physically, mentally, and nutritionally. While my 40s has introduced many unnecessary and unwanted aches and pains, I still feel stronger than I ever did as a college and international athlete.

Having been a water polo coach, referee, and a teacher in the past, it was only a matter of time before I became interested in coaching CrossFit. I love sharing what I have learned from CrossFit and I love helping people – by giving them just that little extra push or by analyzing a movement and making an adjustment – to accomplish things they didn’t think they could do.

My weekends vary. Sometimes I am a busy bee and other times I am a couch potato (after Saturday morning workout, of course). Fun fact: I have 4 cats: Mia, Maggie, Lucy, and Hank. Yes, I am a cat lady.

CrossFit L1
CrossFit Weightlifting
CrossFit L2 hopefully soon!

Competition/CF performance:
I’ve competed in various competitions: Summer Games, War Games, Gobbler Gauntlet, Battle of the Boxes (3rd place Scaled 2016), Age is Just a Number Team (2nd or 3rd place Scaled 2016). If I have a choice, I will always choose a partner/team competition over an individual one!