Coach Will creates the CFW programming with the goal of building a well-rounded athlete with strength and stamina. Workouts of the Day (WODs) combine skill, strength, mobility, endurance and accessory work.

We prioritize safety and proficiency of each CrossFit movement and will provide scaled options for athletes, as needed. Our coaches will help adjust a movement or weight according to the athlete’s skill and strength level. Weight will increase with time and at a different pace for each athlete. We encourage you to trust your coach as they instruct you - they want to help you improve safely!

We focus on larger movements using cycles (ex. front squat, clean and jerk) each month. We test a one-rep max at the beginning of the cycle and again at the end of the cycle. The skill work in between is designed to improve technique and strength.

A CFW class is 60 minutes long coach led class. Classes start promptly at their scheduled time. This includes a warm up, skill, WOD, cool down and accessory work.