I was born in southern California long, long ago. I moved around a lot as a child and young adult, but have lived in Oregon for 17 years now. I was introduced to CrossFit and CFW simultaneously when a friend, who I played coed soccer with, told me about this great gym he had found. The timing was excellent, as I could no longer play soccer after tearing my ACL and needed a new pursuit after 12 years of yoga. I started at CFW 1.0 in December of 2012.

What I love about CrossFit is the variety! I love that (in a single day) we run, we lift, we do pull-ups, and perhaps a handstand walk or two.  It is still so fun and interesting after all this time; and I’m in better shape now than when I was playing collegiate soccer in my twenties!

I realized I wanted to coach after judging during the 2018 CrossFit Open. I was injured at the time and couldn’t participate, so I shifted my focus to others. I derived so much satisfaction from encouraging and empowering our members that I decided to get my certification and start coaching.

An introvert and self-described book nerd - I spend weekends at home with my boys, making meals, gardening, reading, and perhaps playing a game. Also of note, I spent the Spring after college touring Europe with a semi-professional choir performing in famous churches and cathedrals.

CrossFit L1
Master of Education
Certified Holistic Health Coach
Member of the American Association of Drugless Practitioners