I graduated with a BS in Health Studies from PSU. I practiced as a LMT and Doula while going to college. I am always ready to talk about health/wellness and to help scale any workout to meet the athletes ability, especially regarding injuries, during pregnancy and postpartum. 

I have always completed in athletics, focusing on soccer and long long distance running through high school and college. It was my love of being challenged and being apart of a team that drew me to CrossFit in 2012. I started at CrossFit Wilsonville with my family in 2014. I loved being able to train with my family, friends and let my kids participate in CrossFit Kids.

You can find me coaching a class or training with my friends most of the day. I will jump into any workout, anytime and push myself to be the best in the moment. My favorite part of coaching is watching athletes do a little more than they did the day before. 

CrossFit L1
CrossFit L2

2015 Cascade Classic qualification 
2017 top 200 masters athlete 
Fort Vancouver Competition individual and team participant