Athlete of the Month

Rachelle Richards

This months Athlete of the Month is one of those crazy 5:17am-ers who crushes her WOD before most of our morning alarms go off. Rachelle is quiet, hard-working, consistent and one of the most down to earth people you'll meet. She is always willing to judge or volunteer at any of our events and you can always count on hearing her in the crowd supporting our athletes at competitions. Rachelle's consistency and dedication have helped her achieve some pretty big milestones including her first rope climb and a recent clean PR. 

If you could have a magical power, what would it be?

Who is the person at CFW who most inspires you to push harder?
The 5:17 class. They all inspire me to show up every day and push myself harder. And Will’s 21 day challenges push me and give me new goals.

What genre of music do you prefer during the WOD?
Flannery's play lists

Which super hero do you most identify with?
Wonder Woman

If you could eliminate one movement from CrossFit, which one would it be?
The Snatch

What is your biggest accomplishment since starting CrossFit?
I was most excited when I got my first rope climb, but I surprised myself when I completed Grace RX in just under 6 minutes.

What is some advice you'd give to someone new to CrossFit? 
Don’t compare yourself to others because everyone is in a different place on their fitness journey. And always have fun.

Spirit animal? 
Butterfly – CrossFit has helped transform me by believing and knowing that I’m capable of doing more than I thought I could do.

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