Weekly Workouts


4 Rounds (16 Minute Time Cap)
200 M Run
20/15 Calorie Bike or Row (Alternate Rounds)
15 Strict Pull Ups

Athletes focus on pushing the intensity and scaling the pull-ups appropriately (scale reps or banded) to beat the time cap.  Think sub 3:30 per round!

Optional Squat Program
Squat Prep/Warm Up: 2 Minutes Bottom of Squat Hold w/Barbell
Overhead Squats (Back Squat/Front Squat Substitute)
Every 2 Minutes for 10 Minutes 6 Reps (5 Sets)

Athletes focus on great squat position and finding a heavier than last week 6 Rep 


1-45 Second Farmer Hold (Heavy as Possible)
2-5 Negative Pull Ups (5+ Second Drop)
3-5 DBELL Powell Raises Each Side https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BxK60HYw760
4-3-5 Wall Walks with 5 Second Pause at the Top

Athletes focus on progressing on the Negative drop pull ups and Wall Walks from last week

Rowing: 12x250 M Rest 45 Seconds (Record Each Split) *Sprint/
Bike: 4x30/25 Calories Rest 2 Minute (Record Each Split)
Find a RPM that you can sustain throughout the 30/25
Run: For Time: 1200 M Run Rest 3 Minutes 800 M Run Rest 2 Minutes 1600 M Run Rest 4 Minutes 400 M Run (Sprint)  5-10 Seconds faster than 1.5 Mile pace



Power Clean and Jerk 12-15 Minutes
EMOM 8 (Build in weight)
1- 3-5 Power Cleans
2- 3-5 Shoulder to Overhead

4 Sets of 2 Minutes on 1 Minute OFF (12 Minutes)
9 Wall Balls Performance 30/20, RX 20/14, Fitness 14/10
7 Box Jump Overs 20” Everyone
5 Burpees
Max Clean and Jerk with the remaining time within the 2:00 Performance/RX 135/95 Fitness 95/65, 75/55

Athletes choose a wall ball you can perform unbroken in all rounds.  Work hard to have as much time as possible to accumulate Clean and Jerks


Pull and Shoulder Development
A.    EMOM 6
1 - 10-15 Dips @ability level
2 - 5 Pull Up Negatives
B.    EMOM 6
1 - 2 Box Walk Around (Left and Right)
2 - HS HOLD (Increase in time example 15/30/45)

Athletes work on progressing in reps of the dip and pull up negative ability.  Work to find good positioning in the HS Hold

Grunt Work
20 Minutes
On a Running Clock
400 M DBELL 50/35 or KBELL Farmer Carry 55/35
10 Devils Press DBELL 50/35(Scale weight from there.  Choose a weight you can perform 10 without an extended period of rest)
Rest 1-2 Minutes
3 Rounds
Length of Rig Sled Bear Crawl 45/25 (Scale from there)
10 HSPU/Box HSPU/Hand Release Push Ups
Rest 1-2 Minutes
4 Rounds
200 M Run
Double KBELL Swing 55/35, 45/25, 35/20 (Shoulder Height Swing)


Squat Snatch or Thruster 12 Minutes
EMOM 7 of 1 Squat Snatch or 3 Thrusters (Climb in weight)

Coaches and athletes focus on hip extension for both movements.  If you are Snatching focus on the upper body mechanics shrug + high pull + pull under the bar!

Performance/Comp “Climbing Amanda” Time Cap 10 Minutes
3-2-1 Rope Climbs
9-7-5 Squat Snatches 135/95

RX/Fitness Time Cap 10 Minutes
21-15-9 Reps of…
Thrusters 95/65 or 75/45
Pull Ups/Jumping Pull Ups (no bands)

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