June Athlete of the Month

Justin Huddleston

Justin is quiet, shy and hard-working, however when you get him out of his shell he is singing Billy Joel at the top of his lungs (and sounds REALLY GOOD too). Coaches and members have truly enjoyed getting to know Justin over the past 4+ years at CFW. He comes consistently to learn, improve and work hard. Over the last year Justin has over come some large obstacles in life however has used each day in the gym as a time to challenge the person he was yesterday. He is only competitive with himself and regular sets goals and works hard to check them off his list. Congratulations Justin!

If you could have a magical power what would it be?
Unlimited stamina, similar to that of the legendary, elusive, Wakanda Black Panther.

Who is the person as CFW who most inspires you to push harder?
Coach Bri. She knows how to speak truth to you, uplift you, and push you to your next level of athlete.

What genre of music do you prefer during the WOD?
Classic 80’s.

Which super her do you most identify with?
I would have to say the legendary Wakanda Black Panther. His moves are flawless (like mine) and his body make up is built in a way that has no rival. Coincidently like mine.

If you could eliminate one movement from CrossFit, which one would it be?
King for a day, I would decree no more wall balls.

What is your biggest accomplishment since starting CrossFit?
This year was the first time I completed Murph by myself and in a weighted vest. It took me over in hour, but I did it!

What is some advice you’d give to someone new to CrossFit?
Ask yourself why you want to be here. When you know your why, write down your goals, make them achievable, and set a specific date. I couldn’t do a clean the first time I showed up, so I made it a goal to get a power clean by the end of the month, and I achieved it! CFW is a place where people build each other up, so don’t be afraid to get uncomfortable with something new, because you have people in your corner to help you succeed.

Spirit animal?
Few have actually seen it, but it would have to be the breathtaking, majestic, elegant, awe inspiring, Wakanda Black Panther.

Jordan Lutz