Weekly Workouts

New Summer Program Includes 5 Areas
+ Overhead Squat Development (4 Weeks)
+ Pull Up Program (2-3 Days Per Week for 6 Weeks)
+ Muscle Up/Dip/Shoulder Development (4 Weeks)
+ Olympic Lifting Development (2 Days Per Week)
+ Aerobic Capacity Development


Overhead Squat Development 20 Minutes with Instruction Demonstration
Every 3 Minutes for 15 Minutes (5 Sets): 10 Rep Max 
5 attempted even if we get less than 10 reps on the last set, record your 10 Rep and then note your last set in this case

Performance starting weight 95/65
RX Starting Weight 75/45
Beginner/Fitness/Scalability: Front or Back Squat

Aerobic Capacity Testing
For Time
30 Burpees
30 Bar Facing Burpees
30 Burpee Box Jumps


Pull Up Program and Shoulder Development (6 Weeks)
A: Pull Up Assessment: 1 Set of Max Strict Pull Ups (If you do not have a strict pull up your score is zero and you move on to part B)
1-15 Hollow Rocks
2-15 Face Pull Y Press (Slow and Controlled)
3- Dead Hang (Increase 5-15 Seconds Each Set Example: 15-30-45 Seconds)
C: Tabata Push Up Planks (Performance Plank the entire Tabata)

Aerobic Capacity Test (Choose one option)
A: 2000 M Row For Time
B: 1.5-Mile Run For Time
C: 125/100-Calorie Bike For Time


2-Stop Clean (Below Knee + Above Knee + Power Clean) 15 Minutes
EMOM 10 Climb in weight
Athletes will lift the bar to below the knee pause, then just above the knee pause, then complete a squat clean

For Time 12-15 Minutes
Run 400 M
21 Power Clean Performance 155/105, RX 135/85, Fitness 95/65
21 T2B
Run 400 M
15 Power Clean
15 T2B
Run 400 M
9 Power Clean
9 T2B



Pull Up and Dip Development 17-20 Minutes
1- 5 Body Weight Negatives (5 Second Drop)

2- 5 Red Band Kipping Target Drill + 5 Box Arch Drill

3- 5-10 Kipping/Butterfly or Jumping Pull Ups (No Bands)
1- 3-5 Wall Walk with 5 Second Pause at the Top
2- 5-10 Strict Dips at ability level

Grunt Work 20-25 Minutes
For Time
3 Rope Climbs or 6 Fireman Pulls
LOR Sandbag Carry or KBELL Farmer Carry (2-Bells Heavy as Possible)
22 Alternating DBELL Snatch 50/35, 40/25, 35/20
2 Rope Climbs
LOR Sandbag Carry or KBELL Farmer Carry
16 Alternating DBELL Snatch
1 Rope Climb
LOR Sandbag Carry or KBELL Farmer Carry
10 Alternating DBELL Snatch
Every 3 Minutes Run 200 M or Row/Ski 250 M or Bike 20/15 Calories


Squat Cleans or Power Clean to Front Squat 12-14 Minutes
EMOM 8: Work to Heavy for the Day

Break Up/Make Up Partner WOD
Part A: “The Break Up” EMOM for as long as Possible (Death by)
Minute 1: 1 Sumo DLHP 75/55 + 1 Bar Facing Burpee
Minute 2: 2 Sumo DLHP + 2 Bar Facing Burpees
And so on…

Walk 400 M for Rest

Part B: “The Make Up” 8 Rounds For Time (Performance/RX Use a Weight you can perform the Squat Cleans Unbroken)
5 Squat Cleans (Performance 155/105, RX 135/85, Fitness 95/65)
10 Push Ups
5 Box Jump Overs
200 M Row
Partner A completes a round while partner B completes Performance: Max L-Sit, RX: Max Ring Support Hold, Fitness: 30 Second Plank Hold then rests until Partner A is finished. 


Jordan Lutz