Nutrition Interview with Jaime Parker

Interview on Nutrition
By Coach Will
Jaime Parker has been working under the CFW Nutrition Coaching Program with me since January.  We take a very different approach to nutrition than many may think.  The first talking points when developing a program for an athlete are SLEEP, STRESS, and MINDSET.  There is very good science out there that suggest sleep is the most important factor in our overall health.  7+ hours of sleep is the bare minimum.  Stress and stress management may even be more important than sleep.  An individual who is stressed usually will find difficulty in eating clean consistently.  We talk about strategies to deal with stress such as visualization, breathing, and positive self talk.  In addition we recognize what we can and cannot control.  Finally, our mindset plays a huge role in nutrition and in life generally.  The power of positivity is endless.  Your thoughts become your words and words become your actions.  This CANNOT be overstated.  

Below is my interview Jaime Parker who i have been working with for several months.  She has really embraced these concepts and as a result... well I'll let her tell you!

What is your biggest take away?
My biggest take away from working with Will on my nutrition is that there is a plan that will work for EVERYONE!  I was nervous heading into the nutrition program because I wasn't sure how Will would create a program for me that was going to be sustainable for the long haul.  I've done the Whole 30 and other diet programs that work short term, but have not been able to (nor have I wanted to) stick with them.  I needed to focus on my nutrition in a way that could become more of a lifestyle change for me.   I knew heading into my 1st meeting with Will that counting Macros, counting Calories or anything I have to track would not work for my personality.  For some, that kind of a program works wonders and is definitely an option!  For me, I become too focused on the details and could seriously spend my whole day figuring out what is in each food I am putting in my body so I can record the results accurately.  Basically, that kind of program adds extra stress to my life which is something I am trying to avoid!  So, Will tailored a plan just for me!  I have lost body fat %, gained muscle and overall feel so much better inside and out!!!!!
How does mindset, stress, and sleep play into nutrition for you?
Mindset plays into nutrition for me because I have to be willing to make some changes and be open to trying some new things.  I have had to switch my mindset for food.  I try to tell myself that  "Food is Fuel" instead of "Wow, that meal just tasted delicious and I want more!!!".  I've had to start paying attention to adding more protein to my diet and making sure the snacks I grab are healthy for my body.   I do have moments where I indulge in something that is not the best choice for my body nutritionally, but I do it and move on.  I try to do better the next day!  
Stress is a huge concern for me...I am definitely Type A and strive for perfection in everything I do!  Being a cancer survivor also makes me super aware that I need to minimize the stress in my life.  As I mentioned before, counting calories etc. adds stress to my life so focusing on my nutrition as a big picture helps me.  Overall, I need to make sure my portion sizes are not too large and I need to have Protein, Healthy Carbs and Good Fats in every meal.  Focusing on the big picture like that (instead of counting calories etc. ) definitely helps alleviate stress when meal planning.
Sleep has always been an important part of my overall health.  I definitely understand the importance of getting enough sleep!  I am a better mother, wife, employee, friend and athlete when I am well rested!
How has our nutrition strategies affected your overall fitness and performance?
The nutrition strategies that Will and I worked on have helped me feel so much stronger and more confident.  I am finally seeing the changes I have been wanting to see and I'm excited to continue seeing improvements!  When I am feeling good inside & out, I am able to conquer so much more!  I have more energy, I am motivated to make it to the gym 4-5 times per week and I am able to put more effort into each work out!
What is some advice you would offer to others struggling with nutrition?
My advice to anyone struggling with nutrition is to know that you are capable of making changes!  It really is a marathon not a sprint!!!  I am off to a good start, but still have work to do!  Just make the decision that you are ready to be the best version of YOU that you can be!  You've got this and you are not alone!   

Will Brindza