Weekly Workouts

Monday March 3, 2019

Instruction Med Ball Squat Clean

Warm Up
2-4-6-8-10 Reps…
Shuttle Run or Row
Perfect Push Ups
Triple Extension Med Ball Toss Over Head 20/14

Coaches Prep: Include
30 Total Single Leg Glute Bridge
30 Total Bird Dogs
Skills: Power Snatch

3 Pause Power Snatch @ the Knee @50% or light load
Rest 2 Minute

5 UB Power Snatch @55-65% 

WOD: 14-Minute Cap
125/100 Calories on Bike (Performance) or Rower (RX/Fitness)
At the top of every 2 Minutes athletes will complete the following amount of Bar Facing Burpees

Performance/RX                               Fitness
0 Min: 2 Burpees             1-3-5-7-9-11-13
2 Min: 4 Burpees
4 Min: 6 Burpees
6 Min: 8 Burpees
8 Min: 10 Burpees
10 Min: 12 Burpees
12 Min: 14 Burpees  

Cool Down:3-5 Minute ROW/RUN/Shuttle @Recovery Pace

ROM:1 Minute Seated Saddle with Eagle Arms Each Side + 2 Minute Frog + 1 Minute Puppy Dog Pose 

Gymnastics: 3x10 Kipping/Butterfly Progressions
Hollow Swing to Banded Target or 
Box Arch Drill

OLY: (Week 3)
A.    Class Warm Up + Coach Prep
B.    Front Squat EMOM for 10 Minutes 70%
C.    Pause Power Snatch from the Knee 5x2 Climbing in Weight
D.   Snatch Pull From Riser (Stand on 45s) 4x3 @95%E. Heaving Snatch Balance 8 Sets Climbing (Heavier than Last Week)

Warm Up
5-10-15 Reps of…
Perfect Air Squats
Samsun Lunges
PVC Pass Through

Coach Prep
Banded Shoulder Symmetry
Shoulder Prep

Skills: 4 Sets
2 Wall Walks
Rest 20 Seconds 
3 Kick To Hand Stand
Rest 20 Seconds  
4 Box HSPU
Ret 20 Seconds
5 Kipping Swings (Controlled Motion)
Rest 1 Minute

WOD: Complete the following 
3 Rounds
12 Jumping Lunges
9 C2B/Pull Up/Jumping C2B/PU
6 HSPU/Box HSPU/Perfect Push Up
2 Rounds 
12 Jumping Lunges
9 Strict Pull Ups/Banded
6 Strict HSPU/Box HSPU/Perfect Push Up
1 Round
12 Jumping Lunges
9 Bar Muscle Ups/C2B/PU/Jumping C2B
6 HSPU/Box HSPU/Perfect Push UP

ROM:2 Minutes Box Shoulder Stretch + 1 Minute Thread the Needle Each Side +  1 Minute Seal Pose + 3 Minutes Downward Dog

Midline: 3 Rounds Med Ball Circuit:L-Seated 15 Reps Total Each Round front, right, left  

Warm Up
10-10-10 Reps…
Shuttle Run/Row
Hollow Rocks
Ring Rows
Lateral Med Ball Tosses (5 Each Side) 14/10

Coach Prep
Core Prep
Posterior Chain

WOD: CFW Girl Benchmark “Christine”
Performance and RX
3 Rounds For Time
500 M Row
12 DL (Body Weight) 
21 Box Jumps 24/20 

3 Rounds for Time
500 M Row
12 DL @3/4 BW or ½ BW 
21 Box Jumps or Step Ups 20” Everyone
For all levels the DL should not exceed 70%

Cool Down:3-5 Minute Bike/Row

ROM:2 Minutes Couch Stretch Each Side + 2 Minutes Spider Stretch Each Side + 2 Minutes Pigeon Stretch Each Side + 10 Seal Push Ups + 1 Minute Seal Pose

Gymnastics Performance 3x5 Ring Muscle Up Progressions
Ring Swing (Feet together people) + Box Hip Thruster + Banded or Seated Transitions
Then… EMOM 5 Complete 1-3 Ring MU

OLY (Week 3)
A.    Class Warm Up
B.    3x6: Lateral DBELL Raises + GHD Glute HAM Raises or Hip Extensions
C.    Jerk  3x2 @70%, 3@75%, 2@80%, 1@85%, 1@90%
D.   Pause Power Clean + Hang Squat Clean 8 Sets Climbing Start @50%
E.    Snatch 6 Perfect Singles above 60% (Do not go up in weight if it wasn’t a great lift. Athletes must record 6 successful great lifts not just attempts) 

Warm Up
2-4-6-8-10 Reps of…
Shuttle Run/Row
Sumo Inch Worm
Alternating DBELL Snatch (Light to moderate)
Sit Ups

Coach Prep
10 DBELL Cleans (2-Bells Open Standards)
10 Alternating DBELL Snatch 
20 Russian Swing (Elbows tight)
20 Power Swing (Face Height)
20 American Swing (Full ROM)
10 Single Arm Swing (Internal/external Rotation of the Thumb)
10 Single Arm Clean (Lawnmower Pull)
10 Single Arm Snatch (Shrug-Pull-Push)

1: Shuttle Run/Bike/Row/Ski Choice for 45 Seconds
2: 16/12/10 Alternating DBELL Snatch
3: KBELL Swing 30-45 Seconds
Record total reps

Cool Down:3-5 Minute Bike/Row

ROM:2 Minute Fragon Each Side + 1 Minute Samsun Lunge Hold Each Side + 1 Minute Twisted Cross Each Side + 1 Minute Box T-Spine Stretch (Elbows on box)

Midline: 3 Rounds Med Ball Circuit:L-Seated 15 Reps Total Each Round front, right, left  

Jordan Lutz