CrossFit Wilsonville Oly Meet



The meet will happen in place of our normal 10am class. Exact start time TBD.

All level of competitors are invited. This is a great setting if you are a First-time competitor, to step out of your comfort zone.

Please complete this google form if you would like to participate.

The meet will consist of two lifts: the snatch and the clean & jerk.

In the snatch, the weightlifter will lift the barbell from the floor to overhead in a single movement.

In the clean & jerk, the weightlifter will lift the barbell from the floor to the shoulders (the clean) and then from the shoulders to overhead (the jerk).

In this competition, each weightlifter has three attempts in the snatch and three attempts in the clean & jerk. The weight of the best of each type of lift is added to create the weightlifter's total, and the best total wins.
Will I have to weigh in?
Yes, weigh ins will be in private, 1 hour before your session, prior to warm up.

Will we lift in kilos or pounds?
The lifts will be in pounds.

How many attempts will I get?
Each athlete will get three attempts at each lift.

Do I have to declare my opening weights?
Yes, at weigh in you will declare your opening attemptsat each lift.

Once the bar is loaded can I go down in weight?
Yes, you will be allowed to go down in weight after your first attempt, if needed.

Will we have weight classes/division?
We will be using the Sinclair Formulate to determine the top lifters. The Sinclair formula will calculate a total based on weight lifted and body weight.

How will this be judged?
We will have a judge at the platform that will give a verbal command once the lift is completed and in control, and someone to confirm the weight of the lift.

What do I wear?
You are not required to wear a singlet. Wear what is comfortable to you.

What is the cost to compete?
There will be a $20 fee for each competitor. This will cover the cost to feed our volunteers and contribute towards podium prizes.

What is the flow of the day?
Based on the number of people that want to participate we will have sessions.  We will determine the sessions based on gender and the declared starting weights.

For example; if there are eight athletes in session one, the first athlete will have one minute to lift their declared weight.  After their first attempt they will transition off the platform, volunteers will take one minute to change the weight, then athlete two will attempt their declared weight. This pattern will continue until all eight lifters have completed their first attempt. Athletes will immediately declare their second weight and the pattern will continue until all athletes in that session have completed three attempts at the snatch.  There will be a short transition and those same athletes will complete the same pattern for the clean and jerk.

We will have multiple platforms if there is enough interest.

Please let us know if you have additional questions not addressed here.

Jordan Lutz