What Does CrossFit Look Like Long Term For You?

What Does CrossFit Look Like Long Term for You?

Recently we have been educating our coaches and members on a long-term, distant horizon adaptation approach to training.  Training wise it really is simple.  An athlete must first master the mechanics of the movement, consistently move within those mechanics, and finally add intensity.  Intensity really is relative to the athlete and intended stimulus of the workout.  

We have taken the stance that our athletes should live in the “practice” and “training” phase.  Practice is the act of working on skills or movements at low intensity (hear rate) really focusing on mechanics.  Training is finding the intent of the work and living on the threshold of that.  We want our athletes working right up to or just beyond comfort levels 90% of the time.  The other 10% of the time or 1 day per week we encourage athletes to compete or push their threshold inside the stimulus of the workout.  We CANNOT push past threshold and enter max heart rates all the time and expect to stay healthy and perform.  You will break down and be at risk of injury.

Our vision for CFW is to be a “Nutrition and Wellness Gym”.  So what does that mean?  Our goal is to educate and motivate all members to treat their Nutrition, Sleep, Recovery, Lifestyle, Stress Management, and Training as all-inclusive.  We encourage you to explore the options we have for Nutrition and private coaching work.  We ALL need a coach.  Our coaches are here to serve, educate, motivate, and support your health and fitness journey.

The programming at CFW will continue to evolve and members will have more opportunities than ever to focus on areas of their fitness that need improvement.  More importantly members will have the opportunity to rehab injuries and correct negative movements patterns.  If you are injured please work with our staff to scale and adapt your workouts.

It is commonly asked what athletes will look like 30-40 years down the road since CrossFit really hasn’t been around that long.  The answer for most of our athletes should be, “I will be better off than I am now.”  Given that statement it is upon the individual to invest in their SELF CARE and be disciplined in their practice, training, and intensity in the gym.  We whole-heartedly believe in this.  

Be humble, be coachable, try new things.  
Age is just a number…
Growth Mindset…

Coach Will

Jordan Lutz